CyberVault Services

CyberVAULT Services, Inc. is an independent business continuity planning and management company

Success Statement

As a result of our business model and implementation processes CyberVAULT has provided business recovery plans and programs that are usable and provide long term testing and support for both regulatory and internal requirements.

CyberVAULT has conducted numerous internal workshops for government agencies and businesses instructing them on the importance of business recovery planning, and how to effectively use their plans. As previously noted a list of our planning services clients include major industry groups--banking and finance, commercial, public utilities, hospitality, medical, accounting and government.

Many of our Customers have benefited financially from our ability to negotiate hotsite and managed agreements. CyberVAULT has written many RFP's and RFI's, that have resulted in our Clients savings thousands of dollars. CyberVAULT understands the pricing dynamics of the major recovery and hosted Vendors. If required, CyberVAULT can assist Clients in negotiating a recovery agreement that is financially acceptable and incorporates service level terms and conditions that will enable Clients to effectively manage the contract. In many engagements, CyberVAULT has effectively paid for our services from the monies that we have saved our Customers through the process of  negotiations and Vendor selection.

CyberVAULT's process is usable. Most traditional plans are developed in such a manner that they are not easily understood and consequently are not managed well by an organization. These plans are bulky and complicated. CyberVAULT develops plans and programs that are usable and recoverable. CyberVAULT believes that a business recovery plan and a business recovery program should be concise and to the point. Value is gained by how accessible critical information is to an organization, and how effectively and efficiently this information can be accessed in an emergency.

CyberVAULT will have a minimal impact on your daily business activities. Our methodology enables our clients to concentrate on their core capabilities with minor interruptions with the recovery planning process



"CyberVault provided Southern Company with valuable insight as we redesigned our Disaster Recovery program. In particular, they gave us suggestions as to the land-mines that a company may want to avoid with contract negotiations."

Doug Smith, IT Enterprise Storage and Disaster Recovery Manager, Southern Company Services

Commercial Accounts

Business continuity management and contingency planning is how an organization prepares for future incidents that could jeopardize the organization's core mission and its long term health. Incidents include local incidents like building fires, regional incidents like earthquakes, or national incidents like pandemic illnesses.

Financial Institutions

CyberVAULT is unique in its recovery planning approach for Community Banks. CyberVAULT Services provides financial institutions with a Business Continuity Management and Contingency Planning process that is conomical and usable. Many community banks rely on successful audits to assure them that a successful recovery program is on place.