How often should my plan be tested?

I just passed an audit does that mean I can recover my entire enterprise successfully?

How often should my recovery plan be updated?

Have alternate sites been located and tested for recoverability?

How detailed should I make my recovery procedures?

How do I know if I am in compliance with the important regulations?

Have Recovery Time Objectives been established?

How do I evaluate both the tangible and intangible cost of recovery?

Can I survive with just a technology recovery (DR) plan, or do I need a comprehensive enterprise wide (BCP) plan?

How do I know if I am using the most cost effective and secure method of recovery?

Should I renegotiate my recovery contract and simply renew with the current Vendor or should I see what other Vendors have to offer or look at recovery internally?

How many different options do I have for implementing my recovery plan?

What are the likely scenarios that may impact my business, and do I have plans to address each scenario?

How do I maintain interest throughout the enterprise for business continuity?