Business Continuity Plan Development

CyberVAULT's Business Continuity Plan includes procedures for recovering critical business functions; supported by critical applications and technologies as identified in the requirements assessment. The Business Continuity Plan is designed to be usable and provide the information required to maintain operations during and after a disaster.

Document Recovery Requirements

  • Technical requirements
  • Business requirements


Document Personnel Requirements

  • Identify initial response teams
  • Identify crises management teams
  • Identify critical team members by business function


Document Recovery Procedures

  • Develop procedures for business and technology functions
  • Establish update procedures to the plan in order to maintain plan viability
  • Develop a Pandemic Recovery Plan


Conduct A Walkthrough Test For Plan Validation

  • Establish the test schedule
  • Establish objectives for the test
  • Provide a summary report identifying areas of the plan that need remediation
  • Remediate the Plan and present to Management for final approval



"CyberVAULT has developed a comprehen-sive business recovery plan that has been tested, and is now providing The Dixon Hughes with a very high level of recoverability. CyberVAULT is now providing ongoing management support of our recovery program. I would highly recommend their services."

John Bowles, Chief Information Officer, Dixon Hughes Goodman

Commercial Accounts

Business continuity management and contingency planning is how an organization prepares for future incidents that could jeopardize the organization's core mission and its long term health. Incidents include local incidents like building fires, regional incidents like earthquakes, or national incidents like pandemic illnesses.

Financial Institutions

CyberVAULT is unique in its recovery planning approach for Community Banks. CyberVAULT Services provides financial institutions with a Business Continuity Management and Contingency Planning process that is conomical and usable. Many community banks rely on successful audits to assure them that a successful recovery program is on place.