Business Continuity Program Management

CyberVAULT's Business Continuity Program manage-ment is designed to provide on going evaluation to improve the current recovery processes. Management includes scenario testing and strategic planning to implement best practices.

Single Point Of Contact For All Business Continuity Related Issues
Represent Customer at internal and external recovery meetings

  • Review test schedules and test results with the Customer
  • CyberVAULT responsibility for management recovery presentations and management reporting to the Board or to auditors and regulators
  • Coordinate with auditors recovery compliance issues

Establish DR relationships with similar businesses to customer's to identify DR industry standards

Business Continuity Test Management

  • Schedule recovery plan tests
  • Establish objectives prior to all tests
  • Review results of recovery tests with the recovery teams, management and reulators
  • Address contract compliance issues

Maintain Business Continuity Plan

  • Review of current business and IT recovery requirements
  • Edit into the plan additional recovery requirements
       - For example: Critical business units
  • Review documentation of all recovery procedures
       - Personnel authorized to declare a disaster


"CyberVAULT has been a trusted advisor for our recovery program. They have been responsible for the assessment, planning, and management of our business recovery program. Their process is easy to understand and provides comprehensive recovery for our organization."

Joe Oesterling, Chief Information Officer, CBeyond

Commercial Accounts

Business continuity management and contingency planning is how an organization prepares for future incidents that could jeopardize the organization's core mission and its long term health. Incidents include local incidents like building fires, regional incidents like earthquakes, or national incidents like pandemic illnesses.

Financial Institutions

CyberVAULT is unique in its recovery planning approach for Community Banks. CyberVAULT Services provides financial institutions with a Business Continuity Management and Contingency Planning process that is conomical and usable. Many community banks rely on successful audits to assure them that a successful recovery program is on place.